Sacramento Food Blogger's Potluck!

Monday, November 6, 2006

After being inspired by the Bay Area Bloggers Picnic, we finally got all the Sacramento Area food bloggers together for an excellent little potluck. Well, maybe little is a bit mis-leading. There was a nice sized group of people, and more than enough food.

It was so awesome to finally get together and meet some truly shibby people. We were able to sit down and actually have some boisterous and excellent conversation. There was laughter, sharing of stories about food, of worst dishes ever concocted, restaurant experiences, family, and life.

But, oh! The food! Elise brought some decadence with fresh pomegranates, foie gras, and persimmon pudding. Fernanda spiced things up with a a traditional Northern Brazilian fish dish! Fethiye wowed everyone with some Turkish pastries filled with feta cheese (so yummy!). M and her hubby made an amazing Buccaneer Chicken! Mike and Martha tantalized and wowed us with amazing wines fitting each and every dish. I brought corn and black bean salad, and Earl Grey cupcakes which were surprisingly not sucktastic being that I made it up at the last, and I mean last, second.

There are so many other dishes to mention, but the food coma has set in. The friends, the laughter, the food, and the drink have swelled my head, I'm still recovering from the rush of it all. It was a truly fantastic time, and I can't wait to get together soon!

Make sure you check out everyone else's accounts of the event. For pictures of all the amazing dishes, be sure to go visit Cake Grrl!


  1. and all thanks to YOU!! :-******

  2. OMG what is that pile of MEAT in that last photo!? I must have it.

  3. Yes..all thanks to you G!

    A half-way decent photo of me too. I don't photograph well..but in person I look just like Rachel Rays cousin, Berta. Elise and Kristy look fabulous!

    Lea..Buccaneer chicken. Come on over. We have some left.

    Can you come to the chili thingee on Sunday?


  4. Hi Garrett -

    You get the grand prize for organizing this wonderful potluck, thank you! It was really great to meet everyone.

    Lea -

    That meat was smoked chicken, prepared by M's husband. The recipe for it, and many other things prepared that day, is posted on the Sacramento Food Forum. It was incredibly good. Some of the best chicken I've ever had.

  5. Fer - It was so awesome to meet you! Loved that fish!

    Lea - Elise beat me to it, go chec out the food forums for sure!

    M - No one photographs well in their own opinion. LOL. Dear lord that chicken was good probably the best I have ever had.

    Elise - So awesome to see you again! *squeal of joy*

  6. I'm with lea, that chicken in the last photo?? Yummmmm...

  7. Wow...this is so exciting!
    I'm in Davis, actually; I didn't realize there were food bloggers so local! I've got a three-post blog(very new)...I'm brand new at this. Any super cool food events in the Sac area worth pointing out?

  8. Gorgeous photo of the pomegranate, btw. Your photography just gets better and better. :-)

  9. Hi, I wanted to say I have long been a fan of your blog, from afar, whenever I am hungry! I mentioned you in an article. Keep up the scintillating work.


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