Steaky Bits (Buckhorn Grill - Midtown Sac)

Sunday, September 9, 2007

A mini-review; no pictures as I didn't have my camera. Plus I have a paper due. Hope you enjoy though.

Penelope and I were enjoying our last night out together before she leaves for Germany for a year. After making the rounds during the Second Saturday Art Walk, we decided to stop at the Buckhorn Grill after sampling some delicious steaky bits. I mean the sample was out of this world. The steak was charred well, juicy, flavorful, well seasoned and salted. We had to stop in.

At Buckhorn, it's a lot like Pronto, you walk up and order, then take your number and the food is brought down to ya' once it is prepared. As we walked to an open table we looked at the wall of stacked wood. All the meat is char-grilled over open wood embers creating a heavenly smell and flavor all throughout the building and giving a superior taste to the steak (or chicken or whathaveyou).

We ordered a sammich combo platter. A steak sammich with grilled, shoestring, steakhouse onions (YUM!) and bleu cheese on a French roll with some steak sauce. The bread was a little tough, but I can look past it. The bleu cheese really should have been melted on rather than crumbled over the top as it kept spilling out onto the plate and not into my mouth. It was still mighty tasty though.

The salad was... meh, a salad. Ranch dressing, croƻtons, iceberg lettuce with some mixed greens, a tomato or two. Whatever. Should have had more steaky bits put on top.

Next time I plan to order the full steak though. I went back for more samples after my meal, it was just too tasty to say no.

Buckhorn Grill
1801 L St
Sacramento, CA 95811
(916) 446-3757


  1. Have you tried their restaurant in Winters? They have the charred sirloin there and also great prime rib..local lamb from Dixon yum!

  2. That sounds good! You know, sometimes I like to have an iceberg salad because it's so light. I don't know why! We had one last night paired up with bruschetta (my first time making it ever and no, I don't have pictures...doh).


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