5 Foods I Like to Have on Hand (But Not Admit Too)

Sunday, February 3, 2008

This list is a list of foods I love to have in the house, but never really admit to people until today. They are mass produced, greasy, unhealthy, and just against the eat local, organic, etc. foodie code of sorts. Still, I heart them so very much.

1) Captain Crunch -
or Cinnamon Toast Crunch. Cause sometimes, I want comfort food in highly unnatural colors in a bowl big enough to wash a puppy in. Come research paper time at grad school, me, my laptop, and captain crunch are inseparable.

2) Chicken Bouillon Cubes - It's cheap. It's there. It's a time saver. Plus I ran out of the stock I always never get around to making. Sure it's stocked with sodium, but that means I don't salt the soup.

3) Cheez-its - Best. Snacky Food. EVER. I will rarely share them with company. Or family. Or friends. Sorry. But no. Mine. Touch them and I will drive a steak knife into your eye.

4) Toaster Ready Waffles - Mmm... with 2% real maple syrup (have you seen the price for 100% pure?!). Best lazy breakfast ever. Normally, I have a bowl of Special K with fruit and a glass of milk, or I go to the oatmeal setup I have at work, but sometimes, especially Tuesday mornings, this is a nice go to.

5) Frozen Corndogs - The most shameful of the list. On the days I have work all day and school all night and don't get home until around 9 pm (having left at 6 am) I just want something to fill my stomach and make me happy. Greasy, salty sweet corndogs with spicy mustard hit the spot and knock me out.

I know the rest of you have little food sins to confess... feel free to free yourself of them in the comments section.


  1. i have an unnatural obsession with candy corn. it's probably one of the most artificial candies ever, but i can't get enough.
    but wait! isn't there real honey involved? ah...justified.

  2. I wouldn't have them in the house (they wouldn't last that long) but I am rather fond of Twix Bars. I am being good this year though and have managed to avoid the so far (even though they are only 25c in our office snack machine.

    i have some savory choice chicken broth concentrate - I don't like to use it and luckily for me I can often by handmade stock from the Fatted Calf which saves me having to make it - but they don't always have it (and i don't eat chicken enough to make stock) so then out comes the little sachet I am not proud of.

  3. I adore Cheez-its--to the point that I CAN'T keep them in the house because I eat the entire box in one sitting!

    Currently I have been keeping marshmallows and Rice Krispies on hand and making mini batches of Rice Krispies Treats when the craving hits. They are best when still warm and all sticky...

    LOVE your blog!!

  4. Well, I have 3 small kids, so some of this is on them. But, since I eat it too, I cant really 'blame' them.

    I match your frozen Waffles and raise you frozen Pancakes.
    Pop Tarts
    Cheese Curls
    Lantz Toast Chee Crackers

    Carb heavy I know. What can I say, I would die on atkins!

  5. I actually haven't eaten them for a few years now, but I confess that before I was a South Beach diet fan I used to buy those frozen mini-corndogs from Costco all the time. Dipped into plain old yellow mustard (never Dijon for corndogs) they were just delish!

  6. Oh, corn dogs are on my list too. They're the only prepared food I have regularly in my house, and darnit, I won't apologize for them because they are SO good. Stay proud of the corn dogs, man!

  7. why are cheez-its so damn addicting?! I swear, when I was younger, I could almost polish off a while bag! Nowadays, if I even tried to do that, I'd probably pass out from a food and grease coma. So good,k but soooo bad for you. That's why we like them though, right?

  8. I have to admit that the cheez-its would be something I couldn't stop eating.

    I blame Dave, but we have a can of that fake cheese you squeeze on crackers.

    Blue box mac n cheese.

  9. Oh my God! Cheezits and twinkies! Heaven.................

  10. I am DYING over the steak knife in your eye comment. That is fantastic! :D My guilty pleasure, really, is only apples and peanut butter. To some it is normal, to others (including hubby), the most disgusting thing on earth. Alas, I love it. :)

  11. Wow. I really, really dislike every one of your nasty little secret food items! I am actually surprised at that, because I kinda like tater tots. Never buy them, but if they are being served I will definitely chow down.

    My "foodie sin:" Wendy's Spicy Chicken combo, with an extra Wendy's burger on the side. Hits the spot when I'm on the road.

  12. Yay! You're human! Ramen noodles are my weakness. That and wasabi cashews.

  13. I have hawaiian cousins, and they got me into spam. (sigh) It's salty deliciousness is hard to avoid with hot rice (sometimes I make spam sushi-"musubi").

    Cheez-its are also a downfall of mine. Once in a while I get the kind with the Tabasco.

    A girl has got to have her chocolate, and so I admit I buy Betty Crocker's Warm Delights: Molten Chocolate Cake. That with a tall glass of milk is almost heaven...

    PS- I <3 your blog!!

  14. Canned parmesan cheese and damn proud of it. But I'm also with the person who said tater tots.

  15. Seriously, I have everything on your list in my house right now (except I am out of Cinnamon Toast Crunch). My guilty pleasures - cheese curls, any brand of really spicy ginger snaps(with milk of course), graham crackers....

  16. Vermont extra sharp cheddar. Always. Chocolate. Reduced fat Bisquick. Ok, I know, it takes 5 seconds to make this from scratch... but sometimes, you just don't have 5 seconds. As for the corn dogs... Morningstar Farms makes phenomenally addictive meat-free frozen corn dogs, and - even better - mini corn dogs. So. Good. I'm not a vegetarian, but I don't feel nearly so guilty downing these by the box!

  17. I have a very tender spot in my heart--and belly--for Treat. It's a white trash, cheaper version of Spam. Nothing better in the summer than fried Treat on white bread with mayo and home grown tomato.

    And to help alleviate my guilt over eating corndogs, I eat Morning Star veggie corn dogs which are delicious if made in the oven. You can't tell the difference!

  18. Some awesome farmhouse cheddar cheese from the farmers market. I absolutely love tortilla chips and salsa, so I try not to keep them in the house. And Mint chocolate chip ice cream. I made some last week...long gone now.

    Corndogs and sugary cereal...not so much. Although I used to eat frosted wheaties back in the day and they still have a warm place in my heart.

  19. from the mind of a food blog addict:

    i call your frozen waffles and pancakes and raise you *drumroll*... toaster strudel

    oreos - come on, they're OREOS!

    coffe ice cream

    reece's miniatures - it's peanut butter, it's chocolate...it's heaven in mini cup form

    eggrolls - the frozen ones from asian sensations (savory pork and vegetable ftw)

    last and definitely not least...hot wings. I for one can't be more elated that kfc brought back the original wings. that's the stuff dreams are made of. can i get a whoa bundy for wings??

  20. Ok, I used to get Trader Joe's Corn Dogs all the time, and now after reading this post, I miss them. I think they're even vegetarian, soy-based... but man, that crunch on the outside, that steam coming out from the inside... they're good.

  21. Oh, Garrett. I could live without all of your secret binges, but don't leave me in the house with a Fig Newton, a pita crisp (with sea salt), or peanut butter M&M's. You'll never see them again. I try to convince myself that the Newtons are high-fiber and therefore not soooooo bad.

  22. mmmm. microwaved chocolate moonpies caught from a mardi gras parade. Just watch it fluff up! have it with a simple glass of milk. Oh, and i keep original flavor pringles in my desk drawer. If Zapps came in a can, I'd have crawtaters there instead.

  23. I love gold fish crackers, smartfood popcorn, and kraft mac and cheese on occasion (it has WAY to much sodium to eat regularly) same goes for cheddar wurst. Yes the sausages with liquid cheese injected in them.

    I keep bullion cubes around, becuase my grandmother used them in her chicken and noodles, and, well I don't see any reason to try and improve perfection.

    Also I second that the morning star farms corn "dogs" are ridiculously good to a meat eater. Dang I need to go buy some now.

  24. Wow, I'm finally getting around to commenting! I stumbled across the blog looking for info on Sacramento food festivals last summer and have been reading it regularly since then. Thank you!

    As far as our food transgressions the ones you will actually find in the house are tortilla chips, salsa, and Trader Joe's pre-shredded cheese for late night nachos, and copious amounts of PB&J. We used to always have the Morningstar corndogs and I after all this corndog talk I think I may have to pick some up tommorrow...

  25. actually my comment is about maple syrup. i buy the real stuff and was shocked to see how expensive the fake stuff is!!
    i love cream cheese jalapeno poppers, dipped in sour cream no less!

  26. I'm totally with you on the Cap'n Crunch, but in peanut butter flavor.

    My salty obsession? Shrimp chips. Full of MSG goodness!

  27. AHHH!!!!

    (Not Just for Easter) Marshmallow Peeps and Ovaltine.

    Don't judge.

  28. Toaster Strudels. So bad and yet so good.

  29. Toaster waffles, because some mornings I just need to fix a super fast breakfast for the kids. Then I feel guilty for short-changing my kids.

    Nutella, my secret passion. I can eat it by the spoonful.

    Frosted Mini Wheats, great for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or a snack, especially when Michael is out of town and I don't feel like cooking.

    Smuckers Caramel Sundae syrup, for my iced coffee.

    Crunch n Munch, Michael's favorite food.

  30. I married an Italian and have been over here for 5 months straight, and reading these comments is torture, because I miss American junk-food. I get weird cravings for stuff that I ate as a kid, is often quite nasty, and is invariably unavailable here. I satisfy these cravings by going to ridiculous lengths of preparing from scratch approximations of the processed food crap I used to eat. For example, I made french onion dip from scratch, using sauteed shallots, and ate the whole batch myself with half a bag of potato chips. I had a craving for Tuna Helper, Lord help me, and made a scatch, stove-top version of tuna-noodle casserole with fresh egg noodles. It was quite good, but tasted much too fresh and healthy, with the real parmigiano reggiano nd fresh cream. I actually missed the powdered cheese taste. I will soon attempt mac n' cheese. But my all-time favorite home-sick guilty pleasure is an ice-cold Diet Coke and a Twix, both of which are available here in every supermarket. Diet coke, tortilla chips and salsa is a close runner-up. Also, whoever said apples and peanut butter is a genius-- I had one for breakfast. And for Andrea's nutella- addiction: I feel you-- the first time I came back from Europe I harbored a serious habit. I got a giant jar of Nutella from Costco and slathered some all over a banana, every day for months. Banana and Nutella is my favorite crepe filling and what started my addiction.

  31. I have to laugh because I've never eaten a corn dog in my life. My husband thinks that's wrong and keeps suggesting I have one for the experience. Looks too odd. But, I am a sucker for Kraft Mac n Cheese and would be having the apples and peanut butter every day if it weren't for my son who was diagnosed with peanut allergy last summer, so no more peanut butter in my house. I also love Smuckers butterscotch sundae sauce on vanilla ice cream AND butterscotch Jello pudding.

  32. OK. to the person who is addicted to smartfood... Are you in sacramento? where can you find smartfood in sacramento? I'm craving it really bad right now and I can't find it anywhere....


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