Cheese Profile - Cypress Grove Bermuda Triangle

Friday, February 15, 2008

Kicking off a new series of posts here on Vanilla Garlic. Much like the tea profiles, cupcakes, or essays, once in a while we'll be reviewing cheeses. Entertaining, educational, and a reason for me to buy good cheese. Profile: Cypress Grove Chevre is famous for their Humboldt Fog cheese, however I decided to try something else of theirs. The Bermuda Triangle is an excellent choice, and a thriftier option at that, for any cheese plate. It's striking triangular shape and distinct concentric layers of rind, inner cheese (proteolysis), and paste are visually stimulating. The cheese is coated with a fine layer of organic vegetable ash, that makes it age and develop differently than Humboldt Fog.

Type of Milk: Goat

Taste: Earthy and mild. Becomes creamier with age. Slightly reminiscent of very pungent brie.

Serve With: Fruit and cheese platter. Amazing with apples and pears, or smeared on ciabatta. A grilled cheese with arugula and pears would be fantastic.



  1. Yummmmm, this is a lovely cheese as well as the Humbolt fog. When we have it around, fig puree is a delicious accompaniment to the cheese as well. I haven't had these two cheese at all yet this month. So far, I've been hooked on Epoisses and it's just thrilling!

  2. I love their Humbolt Fog--I'd love to give this one a try as well. I love trying new cheeses--can't wait to see what all you find!

  3. omg that looks and sounds delicious!


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