Olives as a Source of Reflection

Thursday, February 21, 2008

I was lucky enough to head down to Napa with Elise to see Carl and Ashley at Quixote Winery. It was an awesome and educational experience ripe with... olives! Tasty, tasty olives. Afterwards, a lunch with good food and great people in a breathtaking space.

Times like this it's nice to reflect on a few things; how happy I am I live in California, and how good my life actually is that I can relax with friends and just jar some home-cured olives.

See some more of Ashley's pictures of the olive jarring here.


  1. Hey Garrett , i want some olives too :)... lets see some more pics from your trip. I hear napa is beautiful.

  2. It looks so peaceful! I too would love to see more photos!

  3. My husband and I started curing our own olives (bought fresh from a farm in California) a few years ago, and they are delicious! My husband was an avowed olive hater until he tried home-cured ones and now I have to fight to get my fair share of them.

    It's so neat to be able to see the olives through the entire process, curing, salting, marinating . . . not to mention they make fantastic Christmas presents.


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