Gelato! (Café la Boca - Sacramento, CA)

Sunday, May 20, 2007

I pass by Café la Boca, the baby of soccer player Maximiliano Roditis and his friend Bill Finger, almost everyday on my way to and from work. I fly in for a chai latte, a hot tea, or a mocha once in a while when I need something to keep me buzzed. It's a nice little local place that I've added to my list of regular hang outs.

The inside is very independent coffee shop. You know what I'm talking about - stone, wood, the day's papers laid out, contemporary and colorful lighting; an air of carefully planned "I-don't-care" sophistication that everyone can enjoy. People reading SN&R, students cracking over their books in last ditch efforts for a grade, friends catching up. It's an inviting little coffee house.

But it's a bit more than that. They have an enjoyable outdoor patio that's just tops. A perfect people watching perch that's nicely shaded and comfy. They offer fresh squeezed orange juice which is nice if you need a quickie breakfast but you're trying to edge caffeine out of your life (*cough cough* crazy! *cough*). They also have a nice selection of fresh salads, paninis and sammiches which have made for a tasty lunch break or two for me.

But I usually drop by for the gelato. It's frozen, fresh and oh so delish. It's one of the few good places to get gelato in Sac in my humble opinion. It's firm in texture, yet has a pleasant give to it, plus the little miniature peaks of crystalline ice that gives it a little bit krisch. (Krisch is the sound it makes when it touches your tongue and instantly melts/falls apart. Are you paying attention Merriam-Webster!?) The flavors are pure, tangible and undisturbed. Raspberry is the pinnacle of what a fresh raspberry should taste like, but newly defined! It's comforting and refreshing.

There's a lot of restaurants on Fair Oaks, I plan to try to explore more of them, but until I do, Café la Boca has me hooked.

Café la Boca
2600 Fair Oaks Blvd.
Sacramento, CA 95864

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