Tasty Tasty Tacos (Zocalo - Sacramento, CA)

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

So this is more of a mini review of Zocalo, so if you want more info check out the other Sac blogs for their reviews.

After a little wining over at L, some fellow food bloggers and I stumbled over to Zocalo just down the street to grab a quick nosh. We all needed the food and were deliriously hungry. You probably know the place. On 18th and Capitol, it's the ginormous Mexican place that has the groovy decor and the line that might make you go to Aioli or Dragonfly. I'm not one for lines and deafening levels of noise, but on a quiet Sunday night, I'm more than happy to head down for some tacos, which is the only thing I've really had there.

Other dishes have been raved about but I loved my tacos. Steak that was well prepared served on soft tortillas with lots of cilantro and some spicy tomatillo salsa? So shibby. So simple. So good.

I did nosh some of the guac which was okay, but I always prefer my own recipes for it, so I can't really shame them for it. It was still quite good. The black bean dip though is... well, my words to my dining companions were "I want to have sex with this black bean dip." Yeah, I put away a few things of it on my own. I need to recreate this at home. The cilantro rice was yummy as well.

Other people had various dishes that they all pronounced as equally tasty-licious and we all dug in.

We later parted ways, satiated and satisfied.
(Pics by Jennifer, Ann, and Kristy)

18th and Capitol
Downtown Sacramento


  1. Cilantro rice: long grain rice, chicken stock, sauted onions. Cook rice and onions in the chicken stock. When rice is done add a lot of finely chopped cilantro, season with salt and pepper to taste.

  2. Okay. You absolutely. POSITIVELY. HAVE TO try my favorite dish there: Tacos de Cazuela. It's this baked dish of chicken (or steak) sauteed with chorizo, onions, mushrooms and completely COVERED in queso Menonita.

    When Ken and I go, we both have to order it because we end up eating the other's food if only one of us order it. NOTHING on that menu compares.

  3. I love chunky guacamole and that one looks chunky enough and good! Have you posted your guacamole recipe on here yet? And I am so stealing that " I want to have sex with this (insert delicious food here) " line!

  4. I would have to say that the guacamole looked like it had a little "filler" in it.

    What some restaurants will do is to use colored instant mashed potato and just add the chunks of avocado to it. This cuts costs down on the number of avocados they need while they can still give you a big serving for little cost.

    That's why home made is usually best.

    Cook Mexican Food Recipes

  5. I'm totally going to call Ernesto Jimenez and accuse him of using instant mashed potatoes. I can't wait to see what come back he has for that. Fluffy guac indeed!

  6. Linda & Greg - Lordy I have no idea. I just thought it had too little citrus. I like a lot of lemon or lime juice in my guac.


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