Some Days...

Thursday, May 10, 2007

"Damn it, there has got to be another dime in this desk," I grumble, unloading another drawer of papers and files.

"What do you need?" my co-worker pops her head over my desk.

"A dime. Just one f***ing dime."

It's been one of those days where I forgot to pack a lunch. My blood-sugar is spiraling downward and because of it my mood is slowly becoming something reminiscent of any character from a Rob Zombie flick. This is the point where talking to me isn't exactly a pleasant experience for anyone, and the thought of sleeping at my desk sounds more logical by the second.

"Didn't you have a cup o' noodles?"

I did. It's a tad bit shameful, but it's true. I work in non-profit, and eating well everyday just isn't realistic. I like to think of it more as re-living college memories. "I even drank all the faux-beef salt water."

"That's disgusting."

"And I'd do it again!" I roar as I unload more crap onto my desk in vain. I really need some sugar pumped into me soon if I'm going to survive today. Peanut M&M's and I have developed quite a bond due to office work. They're my secret mistress I tell none of my foodie friends about (until now).

"Here. Take it." She hands me a dime. I look at it and am suddenly stuck trying to remember what president is on it, but I can't and my mind quickly moves on to more pressing matters. I'll google it later if I remember. (Oh, it's Roosevelt. Duh.)

"You are a lifesaver." She is. Another moment or two and I might have turned over my desk in a storm of swearing and then collapsed into a catnap over the rubble.

Some days it isn't baked goods, farmer's markets, and fine wine. Some days it's cup o' noodles and M&M's.

By the by, an interview I did with Kate Washington is in Sacramento News & Review this week! Go check it out here, or pick up a copy!


  1. Are you hypoglycemic?? My mom gets really irritated and can border on angry/bitchy when she is hungry or her blood sugar levels are dropping. She's got Type 2 Diabetes. I'm finding myself starting to do the same thing, so next time I go to thed doctors I'm having another one of those glucose tests done. I get shaky if I don't eat either- to the point where I can't hold anything. It's always been that way for me.

  2. yeah, I have days like this too....Peanut M&M's rock....almond M&Ms Suck.


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