Friday, August 3, 2007

Never eat two egg salad sandwiches and a chocolate Power Bar for lunch.

I am going to go and lie down now.

That is all.


  1. hey G-mizzle,

    It's your brother, Brandon. If you ever stop by Colfax, California (outside tahoe) theres a restraurant called moms diner. If you bring in a picture of your mom, they give you a free dinner. Me and Steve got stuck there do to car problems. Really good food, and tons of mum pictures circa 1930s. Hope your doing well.

  2. Drink water!!!! Lots of it..

  3. Jeez man, not a problem. I'm on it!

    I had a burger from Foster's Freeze. I don't think that was any better of an idea.


  4. lol...sorrie ! but its was a natural reaction .Yes i think sleeping shud be the best way out.Lots of warm water too.Hope u feel better

  5. Equally as bad food and drink choices I have made:

    four chili dogs in a row

    grape juice and goldschlogger

    Hang in there--we all must suffer for our art!


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